Special Age Hunting Opportunity

Waterfowler Heritage Days

Waterfowler Heritage Days (WHDs) for the hunting of ducks and geese continue in Regions 1 to 6 and 8. Only young hunters at least 10 years of age and less than 18 years of age who have met all provincial requirements are permitted to hunt, and they must be accompanied by a licensed adult hunter. The adult hunter can accompany a maximum of 2 youth hunters. The adult hunter can guide and advise the young hunter but is not permitted to hunt. See individual regions for season dates.

General open seasons in the affected regions may be reduced by 2 (or 1) days so that the overall number of hunting days for migratory game birds remains unchanged. Federal regulations have been amended to exempt young hunters from having to purchase the federal Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit when participating in WHDs. Provincial regulations have been amended to exempt young hunters from having to purchase the provincial hunting licence or the junior hunting licence when participating in WHDs. In addition, youth at least 10 years of age and less than18 years of age are exempt from the requirement to complete hunter safety training (CORE) prior to participating in WHDs.

Please Note: Youth who wish to hunt ducks and geese outside of designated WHDs or who wish to hunt for any other species of game, must purchase the appropriate licence and, if 14 years of age or older, must complete CORE.

Limited Entry Hunting

Limited Entry Hunting (LEH) seasons are open only to hunters who have drawn the appropriate LEH authorization. LEH seasons and open seasons may coincide for some species in some management units if: a) the class of animal (sex, age, etc.) is different, or b) a portion of the management unit is available for LEH only. Species licences are required in addition to an LEH authorization. For more information please view the Limited Entry Hunting Synopsis PDF [5.13MB], or call (250) 356-5142.

Click here to view maps PDF [2.95MB] from the Hunting and Trapping Synopsis, page 37, showing LEH zones for seasons that coincide with open seasons. Hunters should refer to the Limited Entry Hunting Synopsis published each spring for specific LEH maps.

Click here to check your LEH success on-line! At the conclusion of the draw, all applicants, both successful and unsuccessful will be notified. In addition to being mailed, results are also posted on the Ministry of Environments, Fish and Wildlife Branch website, click on "Draw Status".


For more information on different opportunities please visit The Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education (CORE) Program, British Columbia's Hunter Education Program.