Species at Risk Programs

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Grizzly Bear Recovery

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Marbled Murrelets

Marbled murrelets are small seabirds which occur in coastal areas of British Columbia and feed on small fish and zooplankton. Unlike other seabirds, marbled murrelets breed in inland forests, where they nest predominantly on large, moss-covered branches of old-growth trees. Murrelets lay only a single egg per season, and parents often fly long distances from the sea to the forests to deliver food to their nestlings. Marbled murrelets are on British Columbia's "Red List", and are listed as Threatened by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC). The biggest threat to marbled murrelet populations is logging of their old-growth nesting habitat, which can take over 250 years to replace. Other threats to murrelets include oil spills and bycatch from gillnet fisheries. The Lower Mainland Region has experienced among the highest rates of habitat loss in the province. As such, recovery efforts in this region are focused on maintaining existing habitat and protecting second-growth forests that will eventually "grow into" suitable marbled murrelet nesting habitat.

Additional information on marbled murrelet conservation and management can be found in the following documents:


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