Watershed Restoration Program

The Watershed Restoration Program (WRP) was implemented in 1994, under Forest Renewal BC, a program under the Forest Practices Code Act of British Columbia. The WRP was active until 2004, when the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA) and its regulations took effect, replacing the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act and its regulations. FRPA governs the activities of forest and range licensees in B.C. The statute sets the requirements for planning, road building, logging, reforestation, and grazing.

The Watershed Resotiration Program provided an important opportunity to improve water quality and reverse fish habitat impairment occurring as a result of past forest harvesting practices. The publications in this series provide information on the effects of past forest harvest practices on water quality, fish stock productivity and habitat of anadromous and resident fish, as well as the impacts on riparian areas. Funding for the Watershed Restoration Publications was provided by Forest Renewal BC. These publications are now available through our Ministry of Environment e-libraries.

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