Cariboo Region Environmental Stewardship Division

Environmental Stewardship is responsible for:

  • Operational delivery of all Environmental Stewardship programs in the field
  • Region-wide species and ecosystem science and management
  • Contributing to provincial biodiversity planning and delivery
  • Provision of environmental stewardship and biodiversity standards, guidelines to industry, governments and the public in the region
  • Results-based delivery of performance guidelines for forestry, agriculture, urban development, and other sectors
  • Inventory, management, allocation and monitoring of harvested species
  • Habitat restoration and enhancement
  • Manage of public and commercial outdoor recreation and use
  • Delivery of permitting and tenuring for fish and wildlife as defined by the Permits and Authorizations Bureau.
  • Developing and implementing regional partnerships to deliver biodiversity, and fish and wildlife use objectives.
  • Supporting ministry systems including compliance and effectiveness monitoring and reporting