Regional Mule Deer Winter Range Strategy



The regional Mule Deer Winter Range committee was formed to develop management plans for each of the 100 mule deer winter ranges within the Cariboo-Chilcotin Land Use Plan (CCLUP) area, and reports to the Inter-Agency Management Committee (IAMC).

The members of the MDWR committee include representatives from the Ministry of Environment (formerly Water, Land and Air Protection / Sustainable Resource Management) and the Ministry of Forests. The MDWR committee liaises with the CLMA MDWR working group as issues arise and indicates to them which mule deer winter range plans/objectives are currently in progress.

The Ministry of Forests Cariboo Region includes many references for valuable research papers on local mule deer winter range research.


The Cariboo - Chilcotin Land Use Plan (CCLUP)

The CCLUP Integration Report has directed that management plans for all winter ranges be completed by the end of 2006. The mule deer winter range committee expects to meet this deadline. In addition, the committee will work towards completing long-term objectives and releasing them as soon as possible.

Those familiar with the "Mule Deer Handbook" (Handbook for Timer and Mule Deer Management Co-ordination on Winter Ranges in the Cariboo Forest Region 1986), the Regional Mule Deer Strategy (1996) prepared for the CCLUP and the Integration Report will find that the mule deer winter range management plans are a refinement of the direction given by the above mentioned documents. For more details see Relationship of Mule Deer Winter Range Planning to Integration Report Direction (PDF 29KB)

Chilcotin Land Use Plan Reports


About the Plans

The MDWR management plans include long-term habitat objectives for various zones within each winter range as well as short-term harvesting opportunities to 2026. Plans are meant to be used by forest managers proposing and planning development on MDWRs, as well as those whose role is to regulate and monitor development.

In November 2000 the MDWR committee prepared an update, with Interim Management Guidelines for Mule Deer Winter Range (PDF 197KB). Harvesting decisions made prior to the completion of management plans could have a large influence on how quickly each winter range and the individual stands within it can move towards their long-term objectives. The Interim Management Guidelines provide the MDWR committee's recommendations on harvest approvals in the interim period between now and when winter range plans are completed. (please note that the Interim Management Guidelines now contain a clarification on woodlots (section 1.3) not contained in the original version)

The management of a particular winter range is made up of three or four parts, depending on snowpack zone (see note below). These parts are:

Part 1a: Management Plan for Shallow and Moderate Snowpack Zones.
This plan describes the management objectives for mule deer winter ranges that are predominantly within the moderate and shallow snowpack zones in the Cariboo-Chilcotin Region.

This report has been sub-divided into smaller sections due to the size of the file and concerns for downloading. Please familiarize yourself with the files available for downloading by reading the readme_drybelt.txt file on our ftp site.

Part 1b: Management Plan for Transition and Deep Snowpack Zones.
This is a similar plan to Part 1a but focused on management of mule deer winter range in transition and deep snowpack zones.

Part 2: Long-term Objectives Map for Individual Winter Ranges.
These maps show the spatial location of all winter range habitat objectives on each individual winter range. They will be released as they are completed.

Part 3: Transition-Period Harvest Opportunity Plan for Individual Winter Ranges.
These plans will be prepared for each winter range to document harvest opportunities available on that specific winter range until 2026 and any important specific management requirements. These will be short 3 - 5 page documents, which will be released as they are completed.

*Note: The Snowpack map (PDF 467 KB) can be viewed, or download the plot file from our ftp site. The e00 file is an Arc/Info export file of the snowpack coverage. contains the snowpack map (rtl file) without parks and protected areas. is the same map with parks and protected areas. Both of these plots can be sent to a plotter, not a printer, as the dimensions are 41"x35".


Planning Status of Individual Mule Deer Winter Ranges

To check the current planning status of individual winter ranges, click on the appropriate winter range grouping.

Quesnel/Prince George TSA
Williams Lake TSA
100 Mile TSA
MDWRs with completed management plans
MDWRs with completed long-term objectives

A detailed checklist (PDF 91 KB) outlines the planning tasks completed for each winter range.


MDWR Boundary Evaluations

The Mule Deer Winter Range Committee is evaluating winter range boundaries as part of its planning process. Mule Deer winter range maps currently available are linked below. Boundary adjustments to winter ranges in other TSAs will also be displayed on this web site when completed.