Ministry of Environment

Environmental Protection

New Initiatives and Regulatory Review

The Ministry of Environment is developing codes of practice and reviewing existing regulations under the Environmental Management Act (EMA).

Current Work

Existing policies, regulations and codes of practice currently under review and development;

Recently Updated Codes and Regulations

Regulatory Review Process

The development of codes of practice and regulations under review involves the following phases:

  1. Scoping
  2. Intentions Paper for Consultation Development
  3. Consultation
  4. Drafting
  5. Implementation

The flow chart (PDF/15 KB) illustrates this development process and provides detail on each phase.

The ministry develops a policy intentions paper for consultation (intentions paper) to outline the proposed policy intent for the code of practice or amendments to the existing regulation. The paper forms the basis for consultation with stakeholders on the proposed policy approach. Interested parties review the paper posted on the ministry's internet and provide feedback within the 45-day consultation period.

Based on the feedback received and further research, the ministry can then finalize the proposed policy direction. The intentions paper is a discussion document, and consultation feedback will influence the ministry's approach.

Web Consultation Contact

The ministry has contracted Cindy Bertram of C. Rankin & Associates to manage feedback on the policy intentions paper for consultation (intentions paper) for the minister's codes of practice and regulations under review.

Please review the posted paper for a code of practice or regulation listed on the EMA Codes of Practice and Regulatory Review web page. You are encouraged to submit comments on these posted intentions papers by fax, e-mail, letter or in the applicable response form.

Cindy Bertram’s contact information is:
Fax: (250) 598-9948
Mail: P.O. 28159 Westshore RPO, Victoria B.C. V9B 6K8

Please contact Cindy Bertram if you are unable to download a copy of the intentions paper from this website or if you have any questions about the paper or the response form.