Developing Management Unit or Watershed Level Strategies Activity Area – Watershed Restoration Plans Activity

Mandatory Standards

Activity Specific Standard ­ Watershed Restoration Plans (PDF 356KB)

Other Related Information

  Best Management Practices Handbook (PDF 18MB)
  Ecological Restoration Guidelines for British Columbia HTML
(PDF 4.61MB)
  Forest Road Engineering Guidebook
  Integrating Ecosystem Restoration Into Forest Management (PDF 1.6MB)
  Restoration Plan - A Coastal Example (PDF 726KB)
  Restoration Plan - An Interior Example (PDF 746KB)
  Watershed Restoration Planning and Priority Setting (PDF 777KB)
  WRP Technical Circulars Nos. 9 (PDF 6.9MB) and 11 (PDF 2.3MB)
  The Morice WFSP - Planning Linkages and Forest Licensee Support (PDF 162KB)
  Greater Georgia Basin Steelhead Recovery Program
  Salmon Recovery Plans

Last Modified: October 21, 2008