TEI Index Map – Soil Mapping (Soil) Projects

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The PDF includes imbedded attribute information for each Project. Download instructions for using the interactive PDF. You must have Adobe Reader 9 (or later) to be able to query the PDF. Download Adobe Reader 9 .

RCO TEI_SOIL_PDF_ArchE_West_Coast_North.pdf TEI_SOIL_PDF_ArchE_South_Coast.pdf TEI_SOIL_PDF_ArchE_Thompson_Okanagan.pdf TEI_SOIL_PDF_ArchE_Kootenay_Boundary.pdf TEI_SOIL_PDF_ArchE_Cariboo.pdf TEI_SOIL_PDF_ArchE_Omineca_South.pdf TEI_SOIL_PDF_ArchE_Northeast.pdf TEI_SOIL_PDF_ArchE_Skeena_North.pdf TEI_SOIL_PDF_ArchE_Omineca_North.pdf TEI_SOIL_PDF_ArchE_Skeena_South.pdF