Boreal Caribou Management

Boreal Caribou are listed as Threatened under the federal Species at Risk Act (SARA), are provincially red-listed (Threatened to Endangered), and are identified as Priority 1 under the B.C. Conservation Framework.

Approximately 1300 Boreal caribou occupy 6 herds (range) areas in northeast British Columbia. They primarily use large peatlands and open forest throughout the year. The population of Boreal Caribou in British Columbia are contiguous with Boreal Caribou in Alberta and Northwest Territories, as they move across these jurisdictional boundaries.

Boreal Caribou in British Columbia are believed to be in decline. This decline may be attributed to habitat loss, fragmentation and alteration, and increased predation, resulting from forestry and petroleum and natural gas activities (for more information on threats to Boreal Caribou, please see Science Update document below). In order to reduce the expected decline and ensure Boreal Caribou are maintained in British Columbia for future generations, the province of British Columbia is taking action.

In June 2010, government committed to actions to manage Boreal Caribou by establishing 550,000 hectares of Resource Review Areas (RRAs) and enabling habitat restoration and mitigation actions within Boreal Caribou range. In order to facilitate the implementation of government commitments for Boreal Caribou management, the Ministry of Environment developed the "Implementation Plan for the Ongoing Management of Boreal Caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou pop. 14) in British Columbia" with support from other British Columbia government agencies. The Plan identifies government’s goals and objectives, and associated agency responsibilities for implementing components of the plan.

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Background Information

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