North Island - Central Coast District Maps and Reports

Forest Practices Code Strategic Level Information:


Information shown in the following maps must be considered under the Forest Practices Code. Maps were produced in August and September, 2001.

Maps are available in PDF format and as plot files [hp2 format]. All maps were created at a scale of 1:250,000.


  • Wildlife Habitat Features - Grizzly Bear (Complete document PDF 12MB).

For ease of downloading, the document has been broken into 6 smaller files.
(You will need to download all 6 parts in order to get the full document.)
Part 1  (PDF 1.8 KB) ; Part 2  (PDF 2.3 KB); Part 3  (PDF 2.8 KB); Part 4  (PDF 2.2 KB); Part 5  (PDF 1.5 KB); Part 6  (PDF 1.7 KB)


Biodiversity Maps:

The following maps are based on data developed jointly by B.C. Environment and the Mid-Coast Forest District. Maps were produced in December, 1997.

The following maps are available in PDF format.


Ungulate Winter Range Maps & Habitat Maps:


Grizzly Bear:


Marbled Murrelet:


Ecosystems Maps:

  • Mid-Coast Probability of Occurrence of Rare Ecosystem - Highest Value (PDF 2.1MB)
  • Mid-Coast Probability of Occurrence of Rare Ecosystem - Maximum Area (PDF 2.3MB)
  • Tailed Frog WHA - Central Coast (PDF 1.39MB)
  • Northern Goshawk Nesting Habitat - Midcoast (2008) (PDF 3.81MB)
  • Predictive Ecosystem Model (PEM) 1:20k

Estuaries Maps: