What are the Sensitive Species and Habitats in My Area?

Several resources are available to help you determine what sensitive species and habitats exist in your operating area:

  1. Contact your local Ministry of Environment office for specific questions regarding species at risk and other concerns in your area.
  2. Check the list and mapped boundaries of approved] ungulate winter ranges.
  3. Check the list and mapped boundaries of Wildlife Habitat Areas.
  4. Browse the interactive map of fisheries resources information.
  5. Browse the interactive map of known sensitive species and plant community occurrences (see instructions PDF 28KB).
  6. Obtain a list of animals, plants, and plant communities at risk for your Forest Region/District using the B.C. Species and Ecosystem Explorer. Species are classified as either Red-, Blue- or Yellow-listed and some are considered Identified Wildlife. Links to reports that provide information on their biology are included in query results.
  7. Check available Sensitive Ecosystems Inventories (SEI) of rare and fragile ecosystems in your area.
  8. Check for species at risk recovery planning processes that might be occurring in your area.
  9. Review relevant land use plans for your area.