Ministry of Environment

Management Guidelines for Furbearers in British Columbia

The responsibility for managing the fur resources of British Columbia is shared between the Ministry of Environment (MOE and licenced trappers. The Management Guidelines for Furbearers series began in 1988 to provide trappers with a source that would allow them to properly manage their fur harvests. Guidelines currently exist in PDF for:

Management Guidelines outline the roles that trappers can play in the wise management of these important species.

The Registered Trapline System gives each trapper the ability to manage species on his or her line. These Guidelines instruct the trapper on techniques that will ensure populations remain productive and healthy. Management guidelines contain current figures, statistics, and information on species biology and management, as well as up-to-date recommendations regarding such management techniques as habitat enhancement, use of untrapped refuges, avoidance of non-target captures, and monitoring of population levels to allow trappers to adjust their harvest accordingly. Harvest strategies for furbearers are developed by staff of the Fish and Wildlife Branch but proper management requires the full cooperation and support from trappers to be successful.