Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Hunter Compulsory Reporting and Inspection

Compulsory Wildlife Reporting in B.C.

Hunters must report, within 30 days following the kill date, the killing of
  1. in any M.U.,
    1. a bobcat,
    2. a lynx, or
    3. a wolverine
  2. in Region 1, 2, 4 or 8 a wolf
  3. in Region 1 an elk
Please do not submit any teeth with this form
  • complete Sections A through C of this Compulsory Reporting form [PDF 71KB],
  • return this form by mail, or report by phone to 250 387-9777 or in person, to offices identified on the front of the form.

Compulsory Wildlife Inspections in B.C.

Compulsory Inspected species must be submitted to a CI Inspector for the purpose of taking measurements or parts of the animal required for management (ie, tooth) within 30 days of the kill as a requirement under the B.C. Hunting Regulations - click here for parts required.

For instructions on how to extract an incisor tooth for compulsory inspection click here.

Compulsory Inspectors will not complete the compulsory inspection unless ALL information and parts are submitted and able to be collected. Hunters are requested to submit unfrozen wildlife parts.

Hunters are not in legal possession of the wildlife unless they comply with compulsory inspection requirements – please see the Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis for clarification.

The following species of game must be submitted to a regional compulsory
inspection centre:

  • black bear on Haida Gwaii (Mus 6-12 and 6-13)
  • grizzly bear
  • mountain goat
  • cougar
  • mountain sheep
  • caribou
  • elk in Regions 2 and 8
  • moose in MUs 6-19, 6-20 and 6-22 to 6-25 and the Nass Wildlife Management Area (NWMA)
  • lynx in region 4

Regional Inspection Stations

  • Compulsory Inspections for Hunter Harvest are provided through qualified CI Inspectors throughout B.C.
  • The information obtained through inspections helps the province to base decisions about wildlife management on sound science.
  • All information an Inspector receives on behalf of the Ministry is confidential.
Note: Compulsory Inspection Stations are open by appointment only

To find a contract Compulsory Inspector, select the appropriate region listed below.

Region 1 (Vancouver Island)

For general information, Nanaimo regional office telephone: 250 751-3100

Contract CI Inspectors:

Contact: Wayne Zaccarelli
Telephone: 250 382-8502

Contact: Kim Brunt
Telephone: 250 390-3951

Campbell River
Contact: John Todd
Telephone: 250 337-5949

Region 2 (Lower Mainland)

For general information, Surrey regional office telephone: 604 586-4400

Contract CI Inspectors:

Eastern Lower Mainland
Contact: Jerry Faulkner
Kent Outdoor Sports Ltd.
7046 Pioneer Avenue, Agassiz, B.C. V0M 1A0
E-mail:, web:
Telephone/message for inspection appointment: 604 796-0006

Western Lower Mainland
Contact: Maurice Jenkins
Telephone/message for inspection appointment: 604 970-4449

Contact: Clint Goyette
Valley Fishing Guides Ltd.
Telephone/message for inspection appointment: 604 938-4458

Sunshine Coast
Contact: Mike Veen
Telephone/message for inspection appointment: 604 886-0115

Region 3 (Thompson)

For general information, Kamloops regional office telephone: 250 371-6200

The following CI Inspectors are by appointment only:

Contact: Chris Procter
Telephone: 250 371-6250

Contact: Gerad Hales
Telephone: 250 371-4457

Contact: Francis Iredale
Telephone: 250 371-6241

Region 4 (Kootenay)

For general information, Cranbrook regional office telephone: 250 489-8540, Nelson subregional office telephone: 250 354-6333

Contract CI Inspectors:

Contact: Gary Babcock
Telephone: 250 421-3575

Contact: Larry Hill
Telephone: 250 367-9163

Contact: Jack Hollingsworth
Telephone: 250 837-5820

Radium Hot Springs
Contact: Kent Kebe
Telephone: 778-527-0012

Contact: Don Patterson
Telephone: 250 425-2550

Contact: James Henry Scown
Telephone: 250 265-4137

Contact: Brad Ramsay
Telephone: 250 428-3342

Region 5 (Cariboo)

For general information, Williams Lake regional office telephone: 250 398-4530 or 250-398-4345

CI Inspectors:

Pat Dielman
Telephone/message for inspection appointment: 250-398-4561

Becky Cadsand
Telephone/message for inspection appointment: 250-398-4545

Daniel Lirette
Telephone/message for inspection appointment: 250-398-4696

Bella Cool
Contact: contact regional office for instructions

Region 6 (Skeena)

For general information, Smithers regional office telephone: 250 847-7260; fax: 847-7728

Contract CI Inspectors:
Hours of work BY APPOINTMENT – CI Contractors are not required to be available if an appointment has not been made 24 hours prior to a designated time period.

Haida Gwaii – Only available for CI of black bear harvested in MU’s 6-12 & 6-13
This office is NOT able to inspect any other species.
Contact: Ministry District Office – Village of Queen Charlotte
Telephone: 250-559-6200

Contact: Rick Marshall
Telephone: 250 847-6199

Available by appointment only

Contact: Scott Trent
Telephone: 250 635-7342

(Available by appointment Mondays and Thursdays from 6-9pm
and on Saturdays from 6-8pm)

Contact: Jacquie Hanslit
Telephone: 250 651-2277

Available by appointment only

Contact: Lorraine Charette
Telephone: 250 234-3520

Available by appointment most day between 9am to 9pm

Region 7 (Omineca)

For general information, Prince George regional office telephone: 250 565-6135

Contract CI Inspectors:

Prince George
Contact: Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations
Telephone: 250 565-6135

Ask for instructions on how to obtain a Compulsory Inspection. All CI’s are by appointment only during office hours Monday to Friday.

Contact: Bryan Monroe
Telephone: 250 569-2279

Contact: Christine Friedrichsmeier
250 567-6392

Available by appointment only

Contact: Nathan Voth
250 567-6477

Available by appointment only

Region 7B (Peace)

For general information, Fort St. John regional office telephone: 250 787-3411

Contract CI Inspectors:

Fort St. John
Contact: Basil Szoo
Telephone: 250 785-3468

Fort Nelson

CI’s in Fort Nelson will be done by a contractor who will travel to Fort Nelson periodically throughout the hunting season. To find out when the CI dates occur and to schedule an appointment please phone the contractor Rod Backmeyer at 250-787-0588

Mailing Address:
RR#1, Mile 301, Alaska Highway,
Building Address:
6100 Alaska Highway
Fort Nelson, BC V0C 1R0

Telephone:  (250) 774-5511
Facsimile:  (250) 774-3704

Pouce Coupe
Contact: Peter Bruhs
Telephone: 250 786-7961

Region 8 (Okanagan)

For general information, Penticton regional office telephone: 250 490-8200

Contract CI Inspectors:

Penticton area
Contact: Greg Smith
250 486-3437

Grand Forks
Contact: Keith Palmer
250 447-9225

Contact: Greg Hoyer
250 764-2482

Compulsory Inspection Data

In order to comply with the Wildlife Act, hunters must have certain game species inspected by a provincial inspector. The compulsory inspection database (CI) contains information that is collected during these inspections. The CI data is presented at the management unit level and spans the period of record from 1900 to the 2013. The species required to be inspected changes over time and varies by region, so not all species are represented in the dataset for the full period of record or for the entire province. Click links below to access dataset.