Ministry of Environment

Responsible Viewing

We all have a responsibility to minimize the effects we have on wildlife and their habitat. Please follow the guidelines below.

Keep vehicles on roads – off-road traffic damages vegetation, causes soil erosion, disturbs wildlife and may reduce habitat usefulness for wildlife.

Stay on trails – many animals experience less stress and can better adapt when human use is predictable, for example when hikers stay on trails.

Don’t approach or chase animals – unnecessary movement uses energy that may be needed for their survival.

Use binoculars – by staying farther away you can reduce stress on wildlife.

Control pets – to avoid wildlife harassment and give you better viewing opportunities.

Respect others – ask owners if you wish to cross private property, and leave other viewers the space and quiet they want.

Leave the environment unchanged – take your garbage out.

Don’t feed or touch animals – feeding can create an unhealthy reliance on people, touching young animals may cause mothers to abandon them.

Report environmental abuse – We are all responsible for the environment. Report environmental or wildlife abuse to any Conservation Officer. Please record the location, date, time, vehicle description and licence plate number of the offender.