Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

The New Fish and Wildlife ID – Information for Vendors


Vendor Setup Questions

Why do I need a computer for licences and LEH application counter sales?

The sale of hunting licences and Limited Entry Hunting (LEH) applications will require access to the new online system, as well as interaction with hunters. You will find it difficult to conduct these transactions efficiently without a readily accessible computer at the counter where they are providing service to hunters.

I don’t have a computer or Internet access – why can’t I continue to sell licences?

Hunters must provide a valid FWID to purchase a hunting licence. Vendors must be able to verify the hunter’s FWID and hunting credentials before issuing a hunting licence.

What kind of training will be provided?

Job aids and videos will be available through the Fish and Wildlife online service website at

When will the training materials be available?

The training materials will be available in April.

What do I need to switch to the online system?

You will need a computer with Internet access at the point of sale counter where you normally sell hunting licences and LEH applications. In order to access the online system, you will need a Business BCeID.

How do I get set up on the new system?

If you are a vendor who currently uses the online Freshwater Recreation Angling system to issue licences on behalf of the Province of BC, then you will be set up automatically to use the Hunting system and no further action is required by you. If you are a vendor who does not currently use the online Freshwater Recreation Angling system to issue licences on behalf of the Province of BC but have obtained your Business BCeID, then you will need to be set up as a vendor in the Hunting system before April 15, 2016. If you do not have a Business BCeID, please visit the following Web site for more information on how to register:

What is the Freshwater Recreation Angling (FRA) system?

This is a similar online service for recreational fishing. Many vendors already provide services through this system.

What is a Business BCeID? And why do I need one to access the system?

For more information about the Business BCeID, visit the BCeID Website.

How long will it take to get set up on the new system?

The process usually takes only a few minutes, while you are on the phone. You will need to sign in with your BCeID to complete the process. More information on this process will be communicated in March as we prepare for going live in April 2016.

Note that a Business BCeID account requires verification of identity and approval of the registration request. Depending on the information provided, this can take several days. If you do not have a Business BCeID, we recommend you register for one before April 1.

Why do I have to register early for a Business BCeID?

Depending on the information you provide when you register, you may be required to provide documentation before receiving your Business BCeID. By registering before April 1, you will avoid any delays in being able to use the online service.

My business or organization has many employees or individuals. Should we all register for a BCeID?

No. When you register your business or organization your Business BCeID enables you to create and manage additional BCeID accounts for employees or individuals to access online services on behalf of the business or organization.

  • A Business BCeID account (user ID and password) must be created for each individual that needs to access online services on behalf of your business or organization.
  • More information about managing Business BCeID accounts can be found in the Business BCeID Account Management Guide.
Will all my employees need training?

Employees who will sell hunting licences or assist hunters with LEH applications will need training on the new system. Training videos and job aids will be available online before the system goes live. Information will also be provided on how to get support or help with the new system.

Will the reconciliation and settlement process change for Limited Entry Hunting applications?

Yes, the settlement process for LEH applications will change from a paper-based process to an electronic settlement process. If you are a vendor who already uses the online Freshwater Recreation Angling system to issue licences, the electronic vendor settlement process currently used for recreation angling licences will be the same for LEH applications. But there will be two separate settlements – one for angling and one for hunting. Vendors can provide their remittance for both settlements in one payment. The settlement process for hunting licences and tags will not change in 2016.

Why do I need to do two settlements if I can make my payment with one cheque?

Although the process for generating your hunting settlement will be the same, Hunting and Freshwater Recreation Angling are two separate systems, and each system generates its own settlement. However, both systems are linked to the same financial system, which makes it possible to process one payment for both settlements. It is not mandatory to submit one payment for both settlements, but it is an option available for your convenience.

Who can answer my reconciliation and settlement questions?

Your Service BC Manager will continue to be your main contact for settlement and reconciliation questions.

Where will I get help with the new system?

Training material will be provided on the hunting service home page before the system goes live. You can also get help through your Service BC Manager.


Hunting Licence Questions

How have hunting licence sales changed?

Before purchasing a hunting licence, the hunter must provide the vendor with their FWID or their Hunter Number, and photo ID. The vendor will look up the hunter in the Wildlife Information and Licensing Data system and validate that their hunting credentials are Active. The vendor will record the hunter’s FWID on the new licence form. New forms are being distributed with space for the 9-digit FWID.

If licences are still paper-based, why do I need to access the online system to issue the licence?

Hunter Numbers will no longer be valid once the online system is available. When purchasing a licence, hunters must provide their Hunter Number or FWID and photo ID. If the hunter has a Hunter Number but does not yet have a FWID, vendors can look up the hunter in the online system to obtain their FWID. Vendors can then validate the status of the hunter’s credentials on their Fish and Wildlife profile.

Can I use my existing licence stock for licence pre-sales starting March 1?

Yes, you can use the old licence stock and enter the six-digit Hunter Number right up until you receive the new licence stock. You can also enter the six-digit Hunter Number on the new licence forms – in the space reserved for the nine-digit FWID – until the new system becomes available. Just leave the first 3 spaces blank. Once the new system is up and running, all licence sales will require the hunter’s FWID to be recorded on the form.

Are pre-sales only allowed on the new licence stock?

No. Please continue to use your old stock for licence pre-sales until you receive the new licence forms.

I am not going to use the new online system. When will you recall my stock?

You can continue to sell licences until your contract for licence sales expires, at which time you must return all your stock.

Can a hunter obtain their hunting licence online?

Not in 2016. Online licensing will be available in the future.

How will licensing be more efficient in the future?

When licensing goes online in the future, it will be much easier and more efficient to issue and track licences.


FWID Questions

Will Angling Numbers be replaced with the new Fish and Wildlife ID?
Not in 2016. Freshwater anglers will continue to use their Angler Numbers to purchase angling licences. As of April 2016, you will need a Fish and Wildlife ID if you want to buy a hunting licence or apply for Limited Entry Hunting. For more information about freshwater angling, go to or contact FrontCounter BC at 1-877-855-3222.
What is the Fish and Wildlife ID, and how is it different from the Hunter Number?

The Hunter Number was a six-digit, paper-based identification number. The FWID is a personalized nine-digit identification number that is linked to a secure electronic profile. The electronic profile contains the hunter’s name, address, date of birth, hunting credentials, and other information, such as the status of their LEH applications. The FWID can be printed on paper or displayed on a mobile or other computing device. It will show the hunter’s name, FWID number, and hunting credentials. No other personal information will be displayed.

Do hunters have to pay to get a FWID?

There is no cost to obtain a FWID.


Online System Questions

Will I be using a new system to sell freshwater angling licences?
Not in 2016. The system and the process for selling freshwater angling licences will not change in 2016.
How will the online system improve the process?

The new online process will be more flexible and convenient. Currently, applications for Limited Entry Hunting (LEH) opportunities can be purchased only during business hours from Service BC and licensed vendors. The new online service will provide access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It will allow hunters to view and track their LEH applications.

How will vendors benefit from the new online system?

As more services come online, vendors will be able to process hunting licenses much more quickly and efficiently.

How will I access the online system?

A new web page will be launched in March, which will provide access to the online system when it goes live in April.

When can I start using the new online system?

The new online system will be available in Spring 2016 to apply for the Fall 2016 LEH Draw.

How will hunters be informed that the new online system is available and ready to access?

Information will be provided in the 2016-2017 Limited Entry Hunting Regulations Synopsis, at vendor locations and at FrontCounter BC and Service BC locations. A new BC Hunting Website has been launched with information about the new online service: This is also the launch point for the WILD system.


Limited Entry Hunting Questions

I make $1.50 for every LEH Draw application form sold. Will I still receive a commission from the online application process?

If you choose to, you can sell LEH applications by submitting applications on behalf of hunters through the online system. You will receive $1.50 for every application you submit for hunters through the online system.

How many steps are involved in the online LEH application process?

To enter one or more LEH application in the new system, vendors will need to:

  • Enter hunter information (last name, date of birth, Hunter Number/FWID)
  • Select LEH application
  • Type in LEH Hunt codes provided by hunter (hunt information will automatically populate)
  • Confirm LEH Hunt information with hunter
  • View shopping cart with hunter and process hunter payment (or add additional LEH applications, if requested)
  • Confirm correct address information and update, if required/requested
  • Print receipt
What is the deadline for the LEH Fall Draw?

The deadline for the Fall 2016 LEH Draw will be published in the 2016-2017 Limited Entry Hunting Regulations Synopsis, available at vendors, FrontCounter BC, Service BC locations and on the new BC Hunting Website:

When can hunters apply for the LEH Fall Draw?

Application dates for the Fall 2016 LEH Draw will be published in the 2016-2017 Limited Entry Hunting Regulations Synopsis, available at vendors, FrontCounter BC, Service BC locations and on the new BC Hunting Website.

Where can hunters get more information about the new online system or the LEH Draw?

Hunters can: