Lake Stock Assessment Reports

Follow the Lake Data link to view the small lake stock assessment reports completed by the Ministry of of Environment Fisheries Section staff. The Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC currently stocks 65 lakes (56 lakes with rainbow trout, 15 lakes with eastern brook trout, and 5 lakes with both species) in the Omineca region. It is anticipated that sterile kokanee will be added to the stocking program in 2009.  Regional fisheries staff endeavour to conduct assessments on a portion of these lakes on a regular basis. In addition, assessments are completed on lakes that have not been stocked but are of interest to regional fisheries managers. Some of the assessments have been completed in partnership with other organizations; you will find these partnerships acknowledged in the specific reports.

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The reports are intended for both the general public as well as provincial fisheries managers. They describe the methods used to conduct the assessments, provide a summary and analysis of the assessment results, and list management recommendations for the lake's recreational fishery.

We are always interested in hearing your views about the status of our stocked lakes. If you have a query or simply would like to comment on the status of a particular stocked lake, please contact us at the email and address indicated at the bottom of this page.

For further information on Lake Stock Assessment Reports, please contact:
Cory Williamson,
Fisheries Biologist
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