Ministry of Environment

Terrestrial Ecosystem Information (TEI) Data Submission

Use this page to upload completed Terrestrial Ecosystem Information (TEI) projects to the Ministry of Environment using the File Transfer Service, , including Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM), Predictive Ecosystem Mapping (PEM), Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory (SEI), Bioterrain Mapping (TBT), Terrain Inventory (TIM), Terrain Stability Mapping (TSM), Soils (SOIL), Wildlife Habitat Ratings (WHR), Species Distribution Modeling (SDM), and other related projects. (TEI data submissions should meet the TEI Digital Data Submission Standards (draft)).

Using the File Transfer Service

The File Transfer Service allows you to upload a file for your contact in the Ministry of Environment. When you upload the file, the service creates a unique Internet location (a unique URL) for the file, which you MUST email to the applicable Ministry contact. They then use the URL to download the file. After a few days, the uploaded file is automatically deleted.

  1. Mapping project deliverables must have a unique Business Area Project Identification (BAPID). (Request a BAPID). (If you are not submitting a new mapping project and are using this service for transfering other data such as an area of interest boundary, a BAPID is not required.)
  2. All project deliverables must be in accordance with the applicable provincial standards.
  3. Once uploaded, files are only accessible using the specific URL. Contents are not encrypted in transit or while stored: this service is not appropriate for sensitive information.
  4. Uploaded files may be subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
  5. Only one file can be uploaded at a time. Zip project files and directory structures before uploading. Files must not exceed 2GB. (Make multiple submissions if needed, and include all the unique URL’s in your notification email).
  6. Content uploaded from outside the BC Government network can only be accessed from inside the BC Government network.

Submitting data:

To upload data, please:

  • Ensure your zip file name includes the project BAPID.
  • Check the zip file size. If it exceeds 2GB, re-bundle the data into several .zip files with file names including the BAPID and ‘Part1’, ‘Part2’, etc. (Instructions for splitting a zip file). Repeat the load process as necessary. (If your zipped compressed file geodatabase exceeds 2GB, email the applicable contact (below) for additional instructions.)
  • Provide information about the project in the form (below)
  • Attach the file.
  • If necessary, repeat the process to load the additional files.

  • Be sure to email the applicable Ministry contact the URLs for all the files submitted.

  • Please address any questions to the applicable MoE contact below:
Ecosystem Mapping

Notify the MoE Ecosystem contact:

Terrain and Soils Mapping
(Terrain Stability, Terrain Inventory,
Soils, and Bioterrain Mapping)

Notify the MoE Soil/Terrain contact:

Wildlife Habitat Ratings
(Wildlife Habitat Ratings, Habitat
Modeling, Species Distribution Modeling, and Terrestrial Monitoring)

Notify the MoE WHR contact:



Enter information below:

Project Number (BAPID):
Project Name:
Primary Contractor:
Date Completion Date:
Project Contact Name:
Contact Phone Nunber:

File to Upload (zip file):