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Material on this website represents the most current information available regarding wildlife inventory and wildlife management in the Ministry of Environment, Vancouver Island Region.  Information on this website is intended for use by government staff, contract biologists, resource planners and the general public.

Information on this website is regularly updated and generally represents the most current information available.  However, users are cautioned that some of the information occurring on the website is work in progress or changes content more frequently than website updates.


How to Use This Site

You may obtain reference lists, downloadable reports, and link to other sources of wildlife-related information by following some of the other links in this site. Pictures in the Homepage link to general wildlife information. Look in the FRBC inventory pages for specific wildlife and wildlife habitat inventory reports conducted in Region 1.

Requests of additional information can be made through the Wildlife / Wildlife Habitat Inventory Specialist

Requests for more information regarding wildlife management in the Vancouver Island Region can be directed to the Wildlife Program in Nanaimo 250 751-3100

Please be aware that in some instances, sensitive information, such as species locations or breeding grounds, is confidential. This information in not readily available and requires clearance from the Regional Rare and Endangered Species Specialist. Alternatively, contact the Conservation Data Center for availability of sensitive-information.


General Wildlife Information

Vancouver Island Region has a broad array of vertebrate and non-vertebrate wildlife species.

A comprehensive species list for the Vancouver Island Region is available here (PDF 86KB) in pdf format. Specifically, this species list details the species present in the Coastal Western Hemlock (CWH), Coastal Douglas Fir (CDF) and Mountain Hemlock (MH) subzones. For a MS Excel version that can be queried click here.

If you would like to report a bird band number you can call 1 800 327 2263 or go to the US Geological Survey Bird Band Laboratory for more information about the North American Bird Banding Program.

Wildlife Stewardship is also an important component of the Wildlife Program responsibilities. We recommend going to the The Stewardship Centre for comprehensive information about wildlife stewardship.


Exotic / Introduced / Nuisance Species

Vancouver Island Region has suffered from the introduction of several non-native wildlife species. These species can limit the distribution, abundance and reproduction of native species.

Non-native species are under Schedule C of the Wildlife Act include:

American Bullfrog
Black-billed Magpie
Brown-headed Cowbird
Eastern Cottontail
European Rabbit
European Starling
Gray Squirrel
House Sparrow
North American Opossum
Rock Dove
Snapping Turtle

Some of these species can cause significant damage, and the Wildlife Program has some recommendations for dealing with encounters with some of these species. Useful brochures/posters include Grey Squirrels brochure (PDF 359KB) or 11x17" poster (PDF 267KB), Impacts and Management of the Alien Eastern Gray Squirrel in Great Britain and Italy: Lessons for British Columbia (PDF 68KB); information on monitoring the range expansion and control strategies (48x36" poster 3.69MB) and guidance for encounters with Raccoons, Cougars and Bears at home and Bears in the wild. Additional information about Grey Squirrels and our native Red Squirrels is found in the FAQs (213KB) and on the Vancouver Island University website (where you can also report a sighting).


Wildlife Permits and Regulations

Under the Wildlife Act, the Permit Regulation is the main legal tool that people can use to exercise special priveleges. The Permit Regulations were updated in September 2000, and an introduction to these Permit Regulations can be found here.

According to the Wildlife Act, special permits are required to handle and transport wildlife. Copies of these permits can be downloaded below.

General Permit Application form (PDF 13KB)
(for use with all Wildlife Act permits)
Permit to Import Wildlife (PDF 28KB)
Permit Application for Possession of Wildlife or Parts (PDF 20KB)


Wildlife Rehabilitation

Certain wildlife species in Region 1 succumb to injuries as a result of both natural phenomenon and manmade phenomenon. When injury is minor, it may be feasible to try to rehabilitate individuals. For a list of rehabilitation facilities contact the
Wildlife Rehabilitators Network of British Columbia