Fisheries Management

Fisheries Management is "the process of using ecological, biological, economic, socio-cultural and political information to make decisions and implement actions to achieve goals for fish resources". This definition does a good job of defining a highly complex and, at times, controversial process.

The goals of the Fisheries Section are to:

  • Conserve the natural diversity fish and fish habitat; and
  • Manage freshwater sportfishing in a sustainable manner.

These goals, provincial in scope, are addressed by way of four primary objectives:

  • Conserve wild fish populations and their habitats;
  • Manage for sustainable use of fish;
  • Build support for resource stewardship; and
  • Support co-operative arrangements with First Nations.

These objectives are achieved through a variety of approaches, activities, partnerships and arrangements.

Like all other regions in the province, conservation of fish and fish habitat is the first and foremost priority for the Kootenay Fisheries Section. There have been tremendous changes in fish populations and their habitats in this region, primarily due to the activities of humans. We are now working with those industries that impacted our fish resources to restore what can be restored and maintain what can be maintained. It is a difficult challenge as these impacts have occurred over the course of 40 to 50 years, yet by working with industry, First Nations, the public, and other resource management agencies, we believe we can make significant gains toward achieving provincial goals and objectives.

Updates: Whiteswan Lake Fisheries Management Update (97KB PDF)