Kootenay Boundary Higher Level Plan

The higher level plan order for the Kootenay Boundary will come into effect on January 31, 2001. The following elements of the Kootenay Boundary implementation strategy are established in the Kootenay Boundary higher level plan order:

  • In addition to old forest retention targets, there are mature forest retention targets.
  • Measures to address caribou, regional connectivity and important avalanche tracks for grizzly bears are included.
  • Green-up will be reduced while maximum patch size has been increased in accordance with the natural forest disturbance patterns.
  • Enhanced resource development zones for timber are confirmed.
  • Restoration of fire-maintained ecosystems.
  • Some increased protection for streams within domestic watersheds.
  • Establishment of scenic areas.

Achievement of the economic and environmental objectives will be assessed after three years, to allow time for the higher level plan order to take effect and be monitored.