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About Species at Risk
Species Profiles
Conservation Strategies
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Habitat Atlas for Wildlife at Risk

Introduction to the South Okanagan

  • Introduction
  • What makes the South Okanagan a special area?
  • The South Okanagan and Lower Similkameen Atlas Area
  • Biodiversity


  • Grassland Ecosystems
  • Riparian and Wetland Ecosystems
  • Forest Ecosystems
  • Rugged Terrain Ecosystems

About Species At Risk

  • Endangered Species Legislation
  • Ranking Species at Risk
  • How is a Species Designated "At Risk"
  • Missing from the South Okanagan
  • Red and Blue List Species

Species Profiles

  • Species Profiles:
    • Amphibians & Reptiles
    • Birds
    • Mammals
  • Map Information
  • Methods
  • Limitations of the Maps

Conservation Strategies for the South Okanagan

  • Tools for Conservation
  • Identify Important Wildlife Habitat
  • Preserve Ecosystem Corridors
    • Link Core Reserves
    • Landscape Linkages
    • Preserve Grassland Corridors
    • Grassland Landscape Corridors
  • Integrate Wildlife Concerns into Community Planning
    • Land Tenure Distribution for Ecosystems in the South Okanagan
    • The Role of Local Governments
    • Community Planning
    • Proposed Guidelines Within Development Permit Areas
    • Impact Assessment Terms of Reference
    • The Role of the B.C. Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection, Lands and Parks working with local governments
    • Habitat Protection Program
    • Wildlife Program
    • How to Use Wildlife Atlas Maps in Development Planning
    • Further References
  • Land Trusts and Private Land Stewardship
    • What is Stewardship?
    • Programs In Our Area
    • Land Trusts
      • The Role of Non-government Organizations (NGOs)
      • The Role of Private Landowners
      • Steps Towards Stewardship
      • Options and Tax Incentives
      • Further Information on Stewardship


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