Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Wildlife Viewing in the Kootenay Region

The Osprey hangs briefly in mid-air on swirling wings. It then plunges from the sky toward the lake far below, landing feet-first in a splash of water and feathers. Seconds later, powerful wings lift the bird from the waves, an unwitting fish firmly in its talons. The Osprey shakes the water from its feathers in flight before landing in a nearby pine tree to eat its prey.

This is just one of the wildlife sightings common to British Columbia’s Kootenay Region. The area offers some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities anywhere in the world. A wide range of habitats includes verdant mountain forests, world-class wetlands and sweeping grasslands. There simply is no better location for witnessing wildlife first hand in their own home.

Deer and Elk are common throughout the region. Grizzly and Black bear roam the mountains—keep your eyes open for these and mountain goats, bighorn sheep and countless birds!

Some surprises await you, such as a Pika tucked away among rocky talus slopes busily storing grass for the long alpine winter or the remarkable diversity of dragonflies, including some that
migrate south for the winter!

Wildlife viewing brochure for the Kootenay region [PDF 1.0MB]