Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Wildlife Viewing in the Peace Region

The Peace region is a land waiting to be discovered.

Arrive in spring as the aspen woodlands come alive with the songs of migrant warblers.This is the season when Grizzly Bears, awake from their long winter’s nap, roam the avalanche chutes in search of new greens, and Stone's Sheep gather at mineral licks to replenish precious nutrients lost over the harsh winter months.

Linger through the long days of summer when sharptailed grouse raise their chicks in the grasslands east of the Rockies, where Bison still roam and homesteaders built new lives by farming the land.While the air grows warm and still, the mountain meadows come alive with newly emerged butterflies.

Stay until fall when the alpine tundra turns to a Persian carpet of flaming reds and oranges, and the White-tailed Ptarmigan changes its plumage from dull rock brown to stunning winter white. As autumn days draw in, the chilled morning air rings with the sounds of rutting deer, Elk and Caribou – the hunted quarry of the Sekanni and Beaver First Nations peoples.

Return in winter when a blanket of snow covers the land where dinosaurs roamed and rich coal beds and oil fields lie deep beneath the surface.This is the season when the boreal forests stand cold and snowcapped against an ice blue sky, and wolves and Lynx track prey across a frozen and silent landscape.

Wildlife viewing brochure for the Peace region [PDF 2.0MB]