Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Wildlife Viewing in the Thompson Region

The Thompson Region contains a remarkable variety of natural landscapes called biogeoclimatic zones and ecoprovinces. Eleven of fourteen biogeoclimatic zones and four of B.C.'s ten ecoprovinces are found within the region, including some of the province's most sensitive ecosystems: bunchgrass, ponderosa pine, and freshwater wetlands. The region's deeply carved river valleys, rolling highlands, plateaus and mountain ranges create a climate ranging from the near desert conditions in the Thompson Basin to extremely wet conditions in the North Columbia Mountains. These dramatic differences in landscape and climate result in an amazing diversity of wildlife species. Of the almost 450 bird species observed in B.C., over 300 have been recorded in the Thompson-Nicola Region.

Wildlife viewing brochure for the Thompson region [PDF 450KB]