Restrictive Covenants

Restrictive covenant agreements are signed agreements usually between a property owner (covenantor) and a government agency (covenantee) that is registered on the title of a given property. The agreement usually specifies some restriction of activities or land-use that is applied to a portion of the subject property. The Ministry of Environment is signatory, as the covenantee, to a myriad of these agreements on properties throughout the Lower Mainland region. Some of these covenants are for the protection of property from flood or other natural hazards; these covenants are usually administered by the Water Stewardship Division. The covenants administered by the Ecosystems section are those intended for the conservation of fish or wildlife habitat. They are usually signed by the regional manager of Environmental Stewardship (formerly Fish and Wildlife Management).

In order to improve the efficiency of administering issues that arise regarding these agreements we provide the following information on issues that routinely come to our attention.

Topics for this section include: