Species at Risk

The Lower Mainland region is rich with ecosystem diversity as such it is a biodiversity hotspot and is home to over 200 red and blue listed species at risk and more than 35 federally listed species. Many of these creatures are unique and are restricted to the Lowlands in the Fraser Valley, which is under enormous development and land use pressures. To address the challenge of managing this number of species and the scope of threats, the B.C. Ministry of Environment has partnered with the South Coast Conservation Program (SCCP) to help strategically address challenges and implement recovery activities for multi-species at once.

The SCCP website is an excellent resource for information on species in this region, linkages to recovery teams, lists of events to increase your knowledge of the management and recovery of these species, view predictive maps for species and discover partnership opportunities.

For more information please view Develop with Care: Environmental Guidelines for Urban and Rural Land Development in British Columbia.

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