Though endangered, white sturgeon populations in the Lower and Middle Fraser River are considered healthy enough to support unbelievable world class catch and release fisheries. Fish that are more than 3 m in length and over 150 kgs in weight are regularly caught each year. The majority of white sturgeon populations in British Columbia are listed under the federal Species at Risk Act and are not open to angling. As white sturgeon mature after 17 to 20 years and can live for more than 100 years, impacts or injuries can be long lasting. As such, all sturgeon angling in the province is catch and release only, and anglers must take special care to treat fish gently during capture and release. Please review the document Releasing White Sturgeon - The Gentle Way" PDF [44KB] to ensure that you catch and release white sturgeon with minimal harm, to help maintain this amazing fishery and to allow these gentle giants of the Fraser to live another day.

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Tony Pletcher, courtesy of Fisheries & Oceans Canada